Manufacturing & Engineering Tools Consultants

Our company was established in 1997 and has been responsible for providing outstanding products and service ever since.
We’re a small yet efficient supplier
of the worlds’ most high-tech and advanced engineering tooling. From turning, milling, drilling, tapping to regrinding and re-coating of customers’ own tooling.



We deliver industry-leading tools and technologies that solve customer challenges and enable exceptional performance.

Our mission is all about performance for our customers. Our tools and wear-resistant solutions enable customers to run longer, cut faster and machine with greater precision. We are setting the performance standard at it’s highest for our industry.



Transform how everyday life is built.

Our customers build things that touch our everyday lives. They make products that enable people to drive, fly, power and build…and their products are made possible by our innovation. By continuously transforming ourselves, our products and our solutions, we are helping our customers to transform everyday life.



Safety, Respect, Integrity and Accountability.
We live by every day.

  • Safety first, always and everywhere.
  • We exemplify respect for every person – no exceptions.
  • We have integrity in all that we say and do.
  • We’re accountable to each other, our customers, shareholders, environment and


Metalworking & Tooling Solutions

Our specialty is in the area of CNC milling, drilling and turning. Download our catalogues for more products and specifications on the products.

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Master Catalogue 2018 – Vol 2 Turning Tools

Tooling System News

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